The Corporate Startup: How Established Companies Can Develop Successful Innovation Ecosystems

What The Book Is About The Corporate Startup is a practical guide for established companies that aspire to develop and sustain their innovation capabilities. The world around us is changing rapidly. There is now more pressure on established companies to innovate. The challenge most companies face is how to develop new products for new markets, while managing their core business at the same time. The principles and practices outlined in this book provide companies with a blueprint of how to manage innovation while they execute on their core business. The Corporate Startup provides frameworks, visualizations, templates, tools and methods that can be easily applied to develop new products and business models. This book outlines the core principles and practices that established companies can use to build their innovation ecosystems. The approach will help companies to innovate like startups, without having to act like startups. Praise for The Corporate Startup Big companies need to innovate or die. The question is how. Companies need a playbook; a process by which they can start the process of transforming their organizations into innovation engines. The Corporate Startup is that playbook. It provides a proven methodology - applying Lean Startup principles and more - for building a culture of innovation. Ben Yoskovitz, Co-Author of Lean Analytics and Founding Partner at Highline BETA. We have found The Corporate Startup model and the thoughts on the innovation ecosystem very useful in designing our innovation strategy. This book is a must read for all corporate leaders that want to transform their companies to be more innovative. Erik Kongsvik-Ibsen, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Egmont. This book is a timely addition to the corporate innovation space. It is a must read for anyone working on innovation in medium-size and large companies. The principles and practices, if well implemented, can save a company from the disruption death march. Tim Deeson, Managing Director at Deeson Group.

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Book Title: The Corporate Startup: How Established Companies Can Develop Successful Innovation Ecosystems

Book Author: Tendayi Viki

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ISBN: 9462761507